We at Saylors Machine & Design Works, LLC work to provide our customers with:

* The parts they need to get their operation back up and running with a minimum amount of downtime.  
*We also work with engineering departments in the development of new equipment and products on an R & D basis.  
*Fixtures for the assembly line are something we provide on a routine basis for the local manufacturing.
*We provide for industrial maintenance as a normal part of our shop business.  
*We have a large compliment of equipment and are ready to help you with your needs.
Saylors Machine & Design Works, LLC
Here is our lead journeyman
(Scottie) working on a precision
journal on the CNC mill. We
normally use an endmill to bore
our holes, but if the journal is
needed to be " on size" then we
use a boring head and trim them in
like usual......
Saylors Machine & Design Works, LLC
113 Gunsmoke Trail
Trenton, GA 30752
This machine was built for a local manufacturing facility to bend sheet
metal components for final assembly.  We can work on machines from
large builds to fixtures and support tooling.
This is my welder and aprentice
machinist, Stacy.  It is rare to catch
him cleaned up, but I had the
chance at a Christmas gathering to
get a quick picture of him for the
Situated high atop beautiful Sand mountain in the foothills of North West Georgia. We strive to provide
you our client with the most reliable, cost effective solutions to your machine work needs. We offer cnc
machine runs of parts in batches as well as single pieces for prototyping or R&D.
Six Shooter Fixture

This is a multi station screw gun fixture
designed to reduce the cycle time by driving
all six screws at once instead of one at a
time. This also reduced fatigue on the
operator as well as reduced the exposure to
wrist related injuries due to the high volume
of screws driven daily with this machine.
Three Shooter......

Revised version of the 6