Shop Capabilities and
Shop Capabilities:

*We are available for After Hours Emergency Services.  Call us Day or Night.  706-657-7944.  We are here
to help.

*We can TIG Weld Aluminum, Stainless Steel, as well as Carbon Steel.

*We have CNC equipment in the shop and are capable of offering this service to our customers.  From
single parts to production runs, we will be glad to help you with your needs.

*We have typical metal working equipment, including Mills, Lathes, Drill Presses, Saws, Welding &
Cutting Equipment.

*We can turn 14 x 60” between Centers, 1 ½ x 20’ continuous bar.

*All standard threads up to 72tpi available in single point.

*Our new CNC Lathe will cut ANY thread pitch you can specify.  It does not care.

All metric threads up to 14mm pitch.

*We can mill most any size, we have Vertical and Horizontal Mill Equipment available.

* We have Brazing and Silver Soldering available.

*Screw cutting in the lathe is a specialty of ours.  We cut large threads on a routine basis.  We also cut
very small threads such as #8- 72 tpi and 1 ¾”- 5 tpi just to name a few.

*Delivery and pickup are available, as well as shipping.

*We do a large number of small parts and prototyping as well.
We accept print files in most any format.
(Preferably the following formats: PDF, DWG,

I am able to receive prints by email.  We use
AutoCAD 2000  and BobCAD/CAM version 21and
22 software to work with these files.  

It is easy for the client to email a print this way.  
(If prints are in PDF form and I am to run them on
the CNC, I will have to redraw them in BobCAD
first to be able to create a tool path.)
Please Note:
Here is the Beast machining
hardened alloy steel
jackhammer bits.  We are
taking 5/8" inch at a pass at a
10 degree angle to reshape the
while it is cutting the bits.  The
carbide inserts are fine, the
glowing chips are the hardened
steel drill bit.  The machine runs
tell it is cutting at all......  Pretty
cool to watch though.