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The next photos are of previous keys that I have built to show some of the changes that have followed these keys over the past few
The three keys in the photo to the left are from right to left.
Left - Prototype Serial number 001, middle key is the first
production key that had the bearing towers separate from
the top plate, Right key is a prototype single lever that
has undergone a transformation and now is a torsion
spring design instead of the magnetic idea used in the
picture. The single lever is not available as I sold it to one
of the testers and there are no plans to produce any more
of them. The cost to make them is not feasable at this
The key to the left is using
the 1/8" stereo plug design.
This key also had an
experimental spring
plunger tension mechanism
as well.  We abandoned this
idea after we realized the
lock nut method is
and the time it takes eats up what little profit is left, I can no longer make these keys and be able to eat
too.  I will leave the pictures up for everybody to look at, but I can no longer spend my time on these keys,
it simply is not profitable.  

I tried to speed the process up and all it done was create unhappy customers, this I will not tolerate.

Thanks for your time,
David- WK4DS